Mission Statement and FAQs


ANIMAL AID is a local charity running since 2008 whose mission is to improve the welfare of Street Animals in the Fethiye and surrounding areas.

We operate under the auspices of FETAV, this is Fethiye Tourism Group and is an NGO (a non Government organisation). Animal Aid can only operate whilst under FETAV.animal-aid-logo-jpg-002

We have Trap Neuter and Return Teams ….. our aim is to neuter and return as many animals in the area as possible, thus preventing being overrun with animals, such is the situation presently.  A neutered cat will have clipped left ear and a neutered dog will have a tag in its left ear, confirmation that they have been neutered.

We also assist with taking care of sick and injured street animals.  If an injured/sick animal is found, contact should first be made with the shelter by telephoning 0252 613 5825.  If the shelter are unable to assist, or it is outside of their opening hours, please contact one of Animal Aid’s authorised vets, namely:-
Kent vet 0533 348 9988 or 0252 614 7349
Megri Vet- Mustafa Karagoz 0535 629 2080
Fethiye Vet – Korhan 0532 416 2060

Treatment of a street animal by any other vet is only with STRICT PRIOR APPROVAL from an Animal Aid committee member.

In the case of cruelty to a privately owned animal, for legal reasons, Animal Aid are unable to get involved and so the Zabita should be contacted.

The Shelter is run by the local Belediye and Animal Aid has NO jurisdiction over it whatsoever.

The Kedi Evi is run from within the Shelter grounds, they care for sick and injured cats and kittens until they are well again and able to be adopted or put out to one the various cat pods Animal Aid have in the surrounding areas.  The Kedi Evi runs independently and produce their own set of Annual Accounts.

The current Committee Members and their roles within ANIMAL AID are as follows:-

Trap Neuter and Return – Edna Ballantyne
Animal Aid Shop and Table Top Sale – Tina Kosuch
Vet Liaison – Belinda de Leeuw
Kedi Evi – Mike and Susan Cato
Fosters and Re-homing – Rhian Robinson
Coffee Mornings. – Rita Shortern-Rule
Entertainment – Keith Pattison

Please feel free to contact a Committee Member direct if you need information on a particular aspect of Animal Aid.



Animal Aid primarily look after street animals.

Privately owned animals is an area we are very cautious with because of the legalities attached. This is our statement.

1. Where a family have fallen upon bad times we will consider support to the animal/s.

2. If AA are informed about an animal that may appear to be owned (ie: wearing a collar, well groomed etc.) but it is in danger, sick/injured AA would therefore seek veterinary care for it. We would then try to locate the owner and seek recompense.

3. In the case of cruelty to an animal AA cannot get involved for legal reasons. We would therefore refer the case to Haytap (a Turkish animal protection group).
Contact Gülşen 0535 647 3523



Q. Why do we only deal with street animals?
A. We primarily deal with street animals because we are restricted legally and as a charity we have to work within our boundaries. Please see our mission statement and privately owned animal statement.

Q. I have found a street cat that has just had kittens, what do I do?
A. If the kittens are in danger put them in a box and move them to a safer place BUT not too far away. The Mother is very likely to return and move them on. If they are not in danger leave them. If the Mother does not return, either take them to a local vet or contact Animal Aid for advice.

Q. There is a cat spraying all over my terrace regularly, what should I do?
A. If you are able to catch the cat you can make an appointment at the Animal Shelter on 0252 613 5825 to have it neutered. This will generally stop it from spraying. Traps are available from Animal Aid if you are unable to catch it.

Q. I have been feeding a street animal whilst I have been here on holiday, I am now going back, what should I do?
A. DO NOTHING. The next holiday makers will take over from you and so it goes on. Animal Aid can arrange spaying or neutering if this has not already been done. Street animals are very wise and they survive very well.

Q. There is a dog barking constantly on a terrace, the dog looks unwell, what can you do to help?
A. If the owners are Turkish, take someone with you that can speak their language and offer your help. If you have no success contact Gülşen at Haytap (a Turkish animal protection group) on 0535 647 3523 (Turkish speaking only).

Q. I am here on holiday and have found an injured dog/cat, I don’t know the area very well, what should I do?
A. If you have transport take the animal to the nearest veterinary clinic. If you do not have transport and you do not wish to handle the animal, please contact Animal Aid.

Q. I have befriended a street dog whilst here on holiday and I would like to give it a forever home in the UK, how do I do this? Are you able to help me?
A. Animal Aid can only refer you to the contacts below. Please note Animal Aid do not endorse these companies.

Ladyhaye Pet Travel
Hare Lane, Blindley Heath, Surrey, RH7 6JB
Telephone +44(0)134 283 2161 or +44(0)161 332 7021
Email: info@ladyhaye.co.uk

Paws Kennels
Sue: 00359(0)884864510
Phil: 00359(0)884866034

From Turkey: 444 0 737
From UK: 0904 0350 737

Or contact Defra for assistance.
http://www.defra.gov.uk or

I have seen some dogs tied on a short chain on somebody’s land, there is no water or shade for them – can you help them?
If the owner is Turkish take a person who can speak their language with you, ask for some shelter/shade and water for the dog. If you are not happy with the response then please contact Gülşen at Haytap (a Turkish animal protection group) on 0535 647 3523 (Turkish speaking only).

I have found a young puppy on it’s own, I can’t keep it, where can I take him/her?
If transport is available take the puppy to the Animal Shelter in Çatalirik (map below) on the Üzumlü Road, open from 9am – 5pm, if transport is not available then call the Animal Shelter and they may collect (0252 613 5825). Otherwise call Animal Aid.

Q. Which vet would you recommend?
A. Animal Aid cannot specifically recommend a Veterinary Clinic, we can only list the following:

Suçkun Ilgınıcıoğlu, Akarca Mahallesi Mustafa Kemal Bulvarı
Tel: 0252 613 3323

Eva Veteriner Klinği
Kerem Özdemir, 47/A Yerguzlar Cad. (Near Cafe Pazar) Foca, Mah, Çaliş
Tel: 0252 613 7166
Mob: 0533 244 46 66

Cezmi Ocak, Mustafa Kemal Bulvarı, Migros Cafe Yanı, 48300 Fethiye, Muğla
Tel: 0533 348 99 88

Mustafa Karagöz
Mob: 0535 629 20 80

Serkan Tarim
Mob: 0534 291 91 54

Özgür Veteriner Klinği
Özgür Yaman
Tel: 0252 612 7755
Mob: 0533 227 20 38


Q. Where does all the donation money go?
A. Most of the money is to provide good health and welfare to our street animals and to pay the vets bills for any injured street animal, our neuter and return programme, food for street animals, providing food and veterinary care for fostered animals until they are well. Purchasing traps, baskets, and any equipment needed for creature comforts.

The money also helps to support the Animal Shelter by providing food, any extra medicines that may be required and to assist with any repairs/building works that would benefit the living conditions of the animals there.

Q. Why are some Turkish people afraid of dogs?
A. Owning a domestic pet is relatively new in Turkey. Many Turkish people still have reservations about keeping domestic pets based on historical, religious and superstitious beliefs.

Q. What is your involvement with the Belediye run shelter?
A. Animal Aid are not affiliated with the council run shelter in any way – other than provide food, some medicines and assist with any building works or improvements so the animals can benefit from the living conditions there.

Q. Who is FETAV?
A. This is Fethiye Tourism Group and it is an NGO (a Non Government Organisation). The only way Animal Aid can operate is under the auspices of FETAV. If they ceased to exist then we and other charities would not be able to operate legally. Their website: http://www.fetav.com/en

Q. Who is HAYTAP?
A. They are a Turkish Animal Protection Group. They are the group to contact if a privately owned animal is being abused in any way.
Tel: 0535 647 3523 (Turkish speaking only).

Q. How can I get a regular Newsletter from you?
A. By contacting us – either by phone, 0535 064 1417
Facebook – animalaidfethiye
Email – animalaidfethiye@hotmail.com

Or through a volunteer you may know.

Q. How can I get a Newsletter if I do not have an email address?
A. We will also have a number of paper issues printed and these will be available at our Summer Stand in Çaliş, from the end of June until late August. The stand will be located on the beach side of Çalış bridge (opposite the Golden Moon Estate Agents).

Q. How long have Animal Aid been running?
A. Since October 2008.

Q. How can I donate regularly to you?
A. Via Paypal (www.animalaidfethiye.org/fundraisers), also if you have regular trips to Çalış you can always donate directly to us in cash.

Q. How can I become a volunteer?
A. We are always looking for new volunteers, in all areas of AA, so either contact us by phone 0535 064 1417, by email or by Facebook. If you know a volunteer please tell them and we will contact you, just leave your contact details with us.

Q. Do you have any information I can have about AA?
A. You can look at our website – http://www.animalaidfethiye.org or please take one of our leaflets. Our Newsletters are published quarterly, please leave us your email address and we will add you to our contacts.

Q. I do not have access to a computer. How can I pay you a donation on a regular basis?
A. You could do this via a friend that has a computer and then via Paypal. Also, if you travel to Caliş regularly you can donate.

Q.Where is the geographical boundary for AA?
A. Animal Aid do not have a specific boundary. We will endeavour to cover as wide an area within the Fethiye and Çaliş region.

Q. Do the shelter cull dogs – I have heard a rumour?
A. The Shelter have their own guidelines regarding this and it is something that is not discussed with Animal Aid. Animal Aid are not affiliated with the shelter in any way, we therefore have no input on any decisions made between the shelter and the Belediye.

Q. If someone other than AA take a dog/cat to the shelter will they be fully medically checked and vaccinated?
A. When an animal is taken to the shelter it should be handed to a member of staff. The animal is then placed in the care of the shelter for further assessment.